Why choose Maple Armoury?

Maple Armouries has been providing the best quality and cost effective solutions to retailers supplying airsoft products. We are proud to say that, Maple Armouries is a leading Airsoft distributor in Canada and our newly launched brand the Maple Armouries referred to as MAS. You might be the only Airsoft store in your city, or region and we want to make sure you have access to some of the best airsoft products in the country. Don't let your local customers buy from another store, contact us today to ensure you have what they are looking for.


As we are the leading distributors of the brands like Cyma, and our own brand MAS, we assure you that, you will get the best quality service from us. Our guns have an attractive design, weight, detailing just like the actual firearms, plus you get the quality and reliability that you can expect for the best brands.


If you find anything wrong with our products upon receipt, please contact our team of customer service advisors. They will provide you with the service you expect to support your business.


Unlike other Airsoft Guns in not only Ontario, but all of Canada, we are very proud to offer you the best price. The pricing of the leading brands like our MAS Brand and CYMA, can be found at a price that will allow you to provide your customers with a competitive price while helping your business with a fair ROI. We believe satisfied customers are happy customers, and feel our prices reflect that belief.

Customer service

We have a team of professionals who will help you throughout the entire buying process. In the case of confusion you can contact one of our team members, and they will help you the solution to any related Airsoft related problems.

Being a Airsoft Retailer you understand the importance of a good gun to ensure the best opportunity for success in Milsim and just for general fun. We will help you make the product selections that your customers are likely to buy, enjoy long term and will tell their friends and family about. Please feel free to email or call us anytime for any question or enquiries related to Airsoft parts and guns.
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