Jefftron Pre-Soldered Integrated Mosfet v2 Kit with Deans Connector (For M4, MP5, Scar, G3, etc.)
January 28, 2019

Jefftron Pre-Soldered Integrated Mosfet v3 Kit with Deans Connector (For AK, MP5K, Sig, Fal, G36, etc.)

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The Mosfet v3 is a recent innovation by Jefftron. Built using their Micro Mosfet 2 system, Jefftron has mounted it into a SHS trigger unit. This allows for a very cost effective fully contained mosfet unit that might otherwise not be possible.

-Wires are pre-soldered to the board making installation risk-free
-Includes all the components you need (deans connector, 16 gauge silicone wiring, shrink wrap, etc.)
-Fits in any platform on the market that uses V3 trigger housing
-Two year warranty

Included in the packaging:
– Mosfet board with 1 metre wiring soldered on
– Deans connector male
– 30A mini fuse
– 4x faston female 2,8mm
– 6x black heat shrink tube 3,2mm – length 20mm
– 3x black heat shrink tube 4,8mm – length 20mm
– installation manual

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