Maple Armouries Premium Non-Bio BBs 9000 Count Elite Pack – Select a Weight
January 28, 2019
Jefftron Pre-Soldered Integrated Mosfet v2 Kit with Deans Connector (For M4, MP5, Scar, G3, etc.)
January 28, 2019

Jefftron Pre-Soldered Micro Mosfet 2 Kit with Deans Connector (Compatible with all platforms)

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The Micro Mosfet 2 by Jefftron is one of the best basic mosfets available on the market. Tried and true in the Maple Armouries Blackout and Marauder, we trust these units for their reliability, ease of installation, and small size.

-Wires are pre-soldered to the board making installation risk-free.
-Includes all the components you need (deans connector, 16 gauge silicone wiring, shrink wrap, etc.)
-Fits in any platform on the market (Device size 15x7x5mm)
-Two year warranty

Included in the packaging:
– Mosfet board with 1 metre wiring soldered on
– Deans connector male
– 30A mini fuse
– 4x faston female 2,8mm
– 6x black heat shrink tube 3,2mm – length 20mm
– 3x black heat shrink tube 4,8mm – length 20mm
– installation manual

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